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Jekyll and Hyde...Together Again

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Jekyll and Hyde...Together Again - 1 out of 5

I don't know what possessed me to watch this 1982 comedy but once the credits hit, I began to regret my decision to do so.

The story of Jekyll and Hyde has been told over and over again in every way, shape and form imaginable since Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the story in 1886. However, in the 80's they decided to tell it in a way that summed up the decade that was built upon excess and Member's Only Jackets. The filmmakers decided to make this film one giant cocaine joke. And it's not even a funny joke. But I'll be honest, unless there's a Rock and Roll Clown named Dr. Rockso, to me, cocaine jokes aren't really that funny.

The film is about a promising surgeon named Dr. Jekyll who decides that he is going to devote his time to creating drugs to help his patients. What he creates is a drug that looks like cocaine (and is snorted like cocaine) that turns him into a raving douche bag complete with a gold-plated razor blade on a chain around his neck and a coke nail. Other than the fact that this jacked up Mr. Hyde is trying to get laid all the time, there really is no story beyond my basic explanation. There's also a severe lack of quality jokes. But I think cocaine is also to blame for this.

It's clear the writers of this film were snorting as much of this stuff as they could while writing it because that's the only explanation I can come up with to justify the weak and predictable Airplane-style jokes this film tries to hurl at you (hurl and land well away from the target of funny). And things only get worse as the man pulling double duty of playing Jekyll and Hyde (Mark Blankfield) seems to be fueled only on the white powdery substance. His performance is cranked well past 11 and constantly comes off as trying way too hard and basically sullying the good name of physical comedy.

This film is so bad that Robert Louis Stevenson would roll in his grave--WAIT, he did, at the end of the film. I kid you not, they literally had an effigy of Stevenson in his grave rolling over from the tragedy of what was done to his story in this sorry excuse for a comedy. This probably would have been a witty and funny joke if it was placed in a far better written comedy than this one--and when you compare the writing of this comedy to nearly everything else every written, this joke could have work in every film every made! Even Schindler's List could have made this joke work better than this movie could have.

Jekyll and Hyde...Together Again is an obscure 80's comedy that I never should have uncovered.

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