Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Dilemma

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The Dilemma - 3 out of 5

WOW, this was a really difficult movie to review because it's one of those films that keeps bouncing back and forth from being mildly enjoyable to complete crap. With every good thing this film has working for it, there's something bad right behind it and almost completely negating the good things.

For example, Vince Vaughn was surprisingly good in it. And I say surprisingly because he was showing some tremendous acting skills and not being the typical smart-ass to get laughs we've come to know from him. Instead, he was showing true emotion and made the film enjoyable...HOWEVER, the bad thing that follows this is the completely unconvincing presence of Kevin James. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Kevin James. I think he's a tremendous stand up comedian and I absolutely LOVED King of Queens but the character he's playing is a grease monkey (despite Puddy's hatred of the term). His character is suppose to be this technical wizard with car engines but James never comes off as a person who would know a thing about engines or even how to change the car's oil as he spouts off generic technical jargon like "You'll study the data, right?" Part of this has to do with the weak writing as it was obvious that very little research was done so generic lines were given but James can't quite pull off the character and feels like he was a last minute thrown in to the film's cast.

Another good thing: Shockingly, the usually bland acting of Channing Tatum is tossed away and he has some genuinely funny moments. HOWEVER, the bad that follows him is the presence of Winona Ryder overacting her face off. Seriously, her reactions she is showcasing threaten to tear her face literally off. It's actually quite funny to witness. Something else great about the cast is the presence of the extremely hot Jennifer Connolly. I don't mind looking at her for an hour and fifty minutes HOWEVER, they also have Queen Latifah in this film for no real reason. Besides her character bringing nothing to the story, she's trying WAYYYYY too hard to be funny. She's like Ryder only she decided to overact her jokes so they come off as annoying as a Carlos Mencia act.

Finally, there's the story. The film centers around two small business owners (Vaughn and James) who are trying to make an electric engine that sounds like a classic muscle car when Vaughn's character finds out that Ryder's character is cheating on James (in case you can't put two and two together, their characters are married). So, the movie follows the internal conflict that Vaughn is going through. The story is okay but this film is far from being a comedy (even though it is classified as one) as it is more of a drama. But that's okay, there's nothing wrong with a drama having funny moments, right? Of course not, HOWEVER, the film was sold as a comedy and when you are only able to produce a few chuckles at some decent comedy sequences and then cringe at the unbelievably forced ones, all the while telling a story that is heavy with drama, you are setting yourself up to fail with the audience who goes in expecting a smart ass Vaughn being slightly dickish and Kevin James falling down. It's this constant back and forth that made this film slightly difficult to get into and even more difficult to review. The good-one-minute-bad-the-next causes The Dilemma to fall into a lower side of a 3 out of 5.

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