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Amusement - 1 out of 5

Never in my life have I seen a horror film with as many plot holes as Amusement. But then again, when your killer's name is The Laugh, I don't know why I expected even a semblance of quality from this direct-to-DVD piece of shit.

Amusement is about a young, disturbed child who, after spending years and years in a mental institution decides to extract his revenge on three girls who made fun of him (when you see the flashback, at no point do you see them teasing him). This film forces you to suspend disbelief in a way a movie has never done since some producers first said, "Sam Worthington has the acting ability to be a star." For example, you must take into consideration that The Laugh has been in a mental facility for a decade plus some yet he apparently is infinitely wealthy and uses this to get back at the girls. I won't give up any spoilers but when you watch this (and I really don't recommend it) you will quickly come to the conclusion that The Laugh is somehow a millionaire despite the fact he's been a burden on the taxpayers for most of his life. Then, to top it off, the filmmakers decided that every character in this film has to suffer from a lack of brainpower as no one makes a single logical decision. Oh, and apparently every character lacks the ability to turn their head as there is literally several scenes where characters are hiding from the killer off to his side and The Laugh seemingly can't turn his head slightly to notice them.

I won't even get into the fact that this movie is the farthest away from being scary (seriously, why the fuck is your killer named The Laugh?!?) but it's not even near being funny either (usually bad movies can be funny but this one lands far away from this too). This movie is all by itself on an island where it defies description. There are times when a movie is so bad it becomes funny and this could have been possible for this film and maybe their title of Amusement could have been justified with its irony but because this movie doesn't work at all as it steals concepts and themes from more popular and better put together horror films, pads itself out to a running length by extending scenes to the point of nausea, delivers a weak, plot holed encrusted story with lifeless actors playing characters who barely have a single dimension and gives us quite possibly the lamest killer in the history of horror films with a razor-thin motive for his killings, there's only one title that could have summed up this film and gave it justice...Shit.

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