Tuesday, May 10, 2011

House, M.D. Season 6

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House, M.D. Season 6 - 5 out of 5

In our current society built upon everything being within a second's grasp, our collective attention spans can now be counted by the millisecond. In an age where we have to update our Facebook statuses from the toilet and raise a celebrity from obscurity to being unanimously hated within days, when we see a television show make it to its 6th season, it's a good bet that the writers (guilty like we all are of our piss poor attention span) will NOT keep the quality of the previous seasons going--HOWEVER, it seems House isn't guilty of this at all.

Our favorite limping, Vicodin-addicted, genius/asshole is back and handing out the diagnoses in his usual "Eureka" fashion. However, the writers were smart enough this season to offer up some changes and evolution with the characters. If you recall the ending of season 5, House checked himself into rehab in order to kick his painkiller addiction and that plays throughout the entire season, affecting his relationships with not only his team but his best friend Wilson. We also get to an evolution in the relationship between the mad doctor and his boss Dr. Cuddy--their playful flirting and seemingly love/hate relationship in the past has seem to have built a solid foundation for what we see these two go through this season. More interesting than anything else is the changes we see House go through as he, willingly, decides he needs to change himself for the better. In previous seasons, we've seen a softer side to the cane-wielding doctor make fleeting glimpses but they now are a glaring addition to the series--and that was a good thing! But don't worry, he's still a total dick at heart!

Like all other seasons, Hugh Laurie and the rest of the cast knock it out of the park with their acting and the medical stories are as addicting as ever but the progression of the characters (even side story of Dr. Taub and the turmoil of Chase and Cameron's marriage) proved to be the real winner of season 6.

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