Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld

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Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld - 2 out of 5

Finally, after all the brutally bad direct-to-DVD sequels this franchise produced, it finally made one that is so laughably bad, it's great!

Right off the bat, the film is just silly as it's about a group of kids addicted to an online video game called Hellworld. The game takes all the elements of the Cenobites, the Lament Configuration and other staples from the series (that the characters in the story believe to be fictitious) and puts them together for gamers to solve. One of the kids ended up killing themselves and the rest believe it had to do with the game--however, this doesn't stop them from playing the game. Well, after the funeral, all the friends solve the puzzle box in the game (remember in my last review when I complained how easy it was to solve the box? Well, they didn't make it any more difficult online) and their reward for their "hard" work is an invite to a party with other sick and twisted individuals who love the game and love to have promiscuous sex even more. However, it turns out that the party was all a plan by the father of the kid who committed suicide (played by the man with one of the coolest voices in the business, Lance Henriksen) in order to get revenge on the kids he blames for the loss of his son.

For the most part, Pinhead doesn't have much of a role in this film. This movie also turns out to be the last film that Doug Bradley stars in as the iconic Pinhead (a ninth film was made without him and only released into a single theater--there hasn't been word on if it will be released on DVD before the remake of the original comes out--or ever really). The film spends more time focusing on Henriksen dishing out the pain on the teenagers at the party. However, like I mentioned before, this movie is so bad, it's funny. The acting is atrocious and is nearly equal to the story. However, it's so bad on a level that it never ceases being funny--especially the acting of many of the kids as they overdo it to the point that it would make Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter say, "Whoa, dial it back, guys." Even the fact that puzzle box and all things Pinhead went online is enough to keep you giggling throughout the entire run.

Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld is NEVER scary and the story is never interesting or engaging but because it's funny with its endless stupidity, it's actually better to watch than the other direct-to-DVD sequels and, as I feel, warrants its 2 out of 5.

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