Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hellraiser IV: Bloodline

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Hellraiser IV: Bloodline - 1 out of 5

Sometimes, when a horror film franchise is on the verge of growing stale, they will take the series into a new direction and often that direction is straight through the clouds and through the atmosphere into space. Leprechaun did it and even Jason made a trip to the endless vacuum and in the fourth film in the Hellraiser series, Pinhead decided to see the depths of the cosmos.

In the previous two films, we got to learn the origin of the Cenobite we know and love as Pinhead but, because origins are something that are very popular in media, the filmmakers decided to show us the origin of the puzzle box itself. The film opens on a space station where a decedent of the man who made the Lament Configuration is trying to open the gates of Hell and stop Pinhead and clean up the mess his ancestor made--his ancestor being a toy maker commissioned by a magician aristocrat who loves the dark arts and ended up creating the puzzle box. The movie basically follows the family tree (or bloodline, hence the title) through the ages and how both Pinhead and the puzzle box had been a thorn in their side. Well, in the year 2127, the family line decides they've had enough and it's time to stop the horror.

This film is your basic, direct-to-video film as it has no real substantial quality to it. It's never scary and the special effects are weaker than the story or acting and the characters within. Finally, one thing really bothered me about this movie and it's something many low budget films do when they do a "bloodline" story and that's having the principle actor play all the relatives throughout the ages. To me personally, this just comes off cheesy and takes away from any credibility the story COULD have. So, with that, Hellraiser IV: Bloodline comes in at a 1 out of 5.

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