Saturday, May 14, 2011

Da Vinic's Inquest Season 3

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Da Vinci's Inquest Season 3 - 5 out of 5

It's sad but this is the last season of the Canadian cop drama released on DVD. I am forced to turn to the internet to watch the rest of the series of this amazing show.

Unlike many American crime shows, Da Vinci's Inquest doesn't rely on flashy editing or presentation like C.S.I. or over the top personal drama seen in 90% of the other crime shows found in the states. Instead, the show is bare-bones and gritty and lets the viewer get sucked in by the interesting and thought provoking stories, realistic presentation and amazing acting and characters. And this particular season really knocked it out of the park--the biggest reason I'm sad that they didn't release the rest of the show on DVD.

This season sees the show's main character Dominic Da Vinci (played amazingly by Nicholas Campbell) take a back seat to Det. Leo Shannon and Det. Mick Leary (played respectively by Doc Cottle from Battlestar Galactica; Donnelly Rhodes and Ian Tracey). While Dominic still has a very addicting presence in the show, the evolution of Shannon and Leary made it impossible to turn off my DVD player. Not only do these two actors just destroy it on screen, the development their characters see, both in the form of the failing health of Shannon's wife and rocky relationships Leary has with his wife and the woman who holds his heart, makes for some amazing entertainment to watch. And, unlike other drama heavy cop shows, Da Vinci's Inquest made perfect balance of having episodes that could have a self-enclosed story as well as just enough development of other storylines and character development so that it feels more realistic than any other crime drama seen. At no point does the show overwhelm the viewer by having a character develop at an unrealistic pace from episode to episode.

While it's sad that no more seasons of this terrific show were released, I find myself grateful for the invention of the internet because it's there where the fans of the show keep it alive through streaming and torrents.

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