Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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Tootsie - 4 out of 5

It's been a long time since I've seen this delightful little 1982 comedy about a desperate actor who decides to dress up as a woman in order to get a part on a soap opera and, let me tell ya's still funny as hell.

Dudes dressing up as women is nothing new in the world of comedy, in fact, many black comedies have careers built upon it--isn't that right, Tyler Perry and Martin Lawrence? But unlike the fat, sassy jive talking grandmas, Tootsie character of Dorothy is an average 80's woman--strong, independent and not afraid to speak her mind even if it gives the appearance that doing so isn't feminine. Dustin Hoffman brings the character wonderfully to life and he's back up perfectly by the ever talented Bill Murray and Teri Garr. The movie is witty, charming, sweet and all around funny and has stood the test of time quite well with its nearly perfectly executed sense of comedic timing. However, I always had one problem with the film. I had this problem the first time I watched it and I still have it revisiting it over 20 years later...Why do men in the movie find Dustin Hoffman as a woman attractive?

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