Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sorority House Massacre II

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Sorority House Massacre II - 3 out of 5

This movie has taught me one thing (and since it was in a movie, I will sarcastically say that it must be true). And that one thing is that hot women, when spending the night together, are more than comfortable showing each other their breasts and will inevitably put on skimpy lingerie and undergarments to sleep in.

Sorority House Massacre II has no real connection to the first film except for the fact it involves sorority girls (who actually look more like college girls than the ladies in the first one except for the fact they all seem to have breasts implants). The film also has about as much of a massacre as the last one did--in the fact it's not really one at all. Sure there's more blood but the low body count doesn't really qualify as a massacre.

The story surrounds a group of busty young ladies who purchase a new sorority house. They're able to get it cheap because a man once slaughtered a bunch of people in it. The girls are forced to stay the night in the house because the movers are coming the next day so, to keep themselves busy, they get some alcohol and, after showering and changing into some sexy nighties, they decide they want to contact the evil spirit of the man who killed all those people 5 years earlier on a Ouija board they found in the attic. Because, as we all know, a board game made by Milton Bradley is capable of reaching the other side. After this...the nightmare starts.

Of course, I am being ironic when I call the actions in this movie a 'nightmare' because this movie is far from scary. I mean Roger Corman produced it for crying out loud. The primary reason for this film's existence is to show some tits, ass and blood. However, the movie's attempt at a story, piss poor acting and all the movie cliches (like all girls sleep in sexy underwear) makes this movie enjoyable to watch--even more so than the whole lot of breasts it throws at you. Yes, the gratuitous nudity is cool but the overall low quality of the movie makes it worth the time.

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