Monday, April 25, 2011

The Day of the Dolphin

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The Day of the Dolphin - 1 out of 5

Imagine that General Patton is a scientist and discovers that you can teach dolphins to talk and understand a human language. Now imagine that some dangerous people learn about these super-smart dolphins and try to use them to assassinate the President. Now...imagine this was made into a movie based on a book! All that I described to you is true.

In 1973, this film was made starring George C. Scott. I never heard of it until I was browsing a website that had old science fiction and horror film posters on it. This one (along with many others) caught my eye and I was instantly intrigued. Why did it interest me? It had talking dolphins for crying out loud. So, after some painstaking searching, I found a copy of the film and was greatly disappointed.

The movie is just boring and, despite its claims to be science fiction, the fact the dolphins are talking is the only thing really science fiction about it. The story doesn't offer much tension--even with an assassination plot within its story. To make matters worse, the music is strangely upbeat to the point its nearly whimsical. If you have music that would make a elf start to dance when you're dealing with aquatic mammals being fooled in order to kill the President, you know your science fiction film is doomed.

If it wasn't for the decent acting done by George C. Scott, this movie would be a total wash. However, the man who was Patton's acting aside, this film still sinks in at a 1 out of 5.

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