Thursday, March 17, 2011

Species II

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Species II - 1 out of 5

If you've been following my movie review blog since I started it last year, you might remember the first movie I reviewed was the first Species. It's been awhile but I've decided to visit the rest of this franchise because I never saw the other films.

If you remember my review of the first one, I talked about how it wasn't the best or scariest horror/sci-fi film you'll ever see but it was semi-entertaining movie and you got to see a whole lot of Natasha Henstridge naked. Well, it's follow up feels much like the same thing regurgitated onto the screen. Once again, there's a team out to kill an alien/human hybrid only this time the alien inhabited an astronaut on his way back from Mars. Also, this time around, the government utilizes their own alien/human hybrid to help hunt him. There is no doubt in my mind this was done in order to get Henstridge to come back and bare some boobage a 2nd time. Also returning from the first one is one of Las Vegas' sexiest crime scene investigators; Marg Halgenberger and the man with one of the gruffest voices to exist in the world of Hollywood (and a real gruffy voice, not a fake one like Sam Worthington); Michael Madsen.

Like I said before, not much has changed for this sequel. The basic story elements are nearly exactly the same as the first one except this movie decided to do away with the horror elements and add in really REALLY bad humor. It also up the dosage of sex and gore (which was probably done so dudes like me can somehow justify the amount of time we wasted watching this film). Things get even more unbearable when you see some extremely weak special effects, a monster that looks like it can barely remain vertical during the climactic end battle and some really weak acting. In fact, this movie taught me that if Michael Madsen doesn't like a film (and he admitted he hated this one) you can really see it in his acting as he pretty much phones in his role. And speaking of weak acting, the filmmakers gave the role of the alien/human hybrid antagonist to a man who is completely incapable of acting--a man I've never before seen and guarantee I will never see again because why will I watch this movie another time--Justin Lazard (Never heard of him either?). And can I just say, I felt bad for Forrest Gump's best friend Bubba (Mykelti Williamson) playing the token black character. Every black man in an action film stereotype is covered in this character. Even James Crownwell--an unbelievably good actor--doesn't seem to be trying in this movie.

Sex, boobs and blood was what made an otherwise mediocre film that was the first one somewhat enjoyable but rehashing the same elements with no real change isn't enough to warrant watching this sequel. And the fact that this film is the lowest rated film in the franchise on Rotten Tomatoes and the fact it bombed at the theater, it makes me wonder who were the executives that felt the series deserved two more movies. Fucking Hollywood, how does it work?

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