Friday, March 18, 2011

Species: The Awakening

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Species: The Awakening - 1 out of 5

The fourth and, hopefully, the final film in the Species franchise and, unlike the others, this one deviates from the predictable frame that the others had. And I say that sarcastically because it still is about a sexy alien/human hybrid trying to get her freak on and pop out some evil alien babies. The difference this time around is the sexy and dangerous fem fatal alien doesn't realize she's part alien until she gets older and then the usual stuff happens.

Just like the last one, this film has a boring story as it tries to be more of a drama than a horror film. Also, the one thing that made the previous films watchable--the gratuitous nudity--isn't really here as most topless shots of the alien/human ladies have them with pasties over their jubblies. There's nothing really else I can say about this movie. It's boring, the acting is weak and since it's a SyFy made-for-TV movie, the special effects are cartoonish and silly. The franchise was never the best but at least the first one offered some entertainment. It's sad the rest of them couldn't even do that.

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