Sunday, March 13, 2011

Red vs. Blue Revelation: Season 8

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Red vs. Blue Revelation: Season 8 - 5 out of 5


Those are the only words I can utter after watching the final season of the epic Machinima series from Rooster Teeth. Like all the previous seasons, they outdid themselves yet again. The writing is as solid as ever, the jokes are just as good and as meta as we've come to know (Sarge's reference about the pistols not being good as they use to is quite entertaining) and the editing and music is just plain fantastic but the true home run they delivered this season was the inclusion of both mo-cap animation and pre-rendered character animation that allowed the characters we've come to know and love do things that weren't possible when the creators were using just Halo to make the episodes. This new use of animation results in some of the best action sequences I've ever seen committed to an animated series.

While it's sad that the story of the Reds and Blues is over, it couldn't have ended better or delivered as well as it did through out all eight seasons.

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