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Megamind - 4 out of 5

Some of the critics weren't too kind to this little tale about a super-villain and his rivalry with his superhero nemesis, so I went into this film thinking it wasn't going to be the greatest. However, I'm a geek and damn proud of it so I told myself that there is no way this comic book-style animated movie could be any worse than some of the other geek films out there like X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But after watching Megamind, I realized this movie was a WHOLE LOT of fun and was a better action film than all three of Sam Raimi's Spider-man movies combined (But it's not like that is hard since Raimi actually made your friendly neighborhood Spider-man boring).

The story is your basic geeky "what if." What if the hero loses, villain wins and ends up being the hero. And not only is it super geeky, it's also magnificently meta as Megamind openly admits that his role as the bad guy is to lose. Because of this self-awareness the film offers, it's allowed to take a very fresh take on the bad guy/good guy dynamic. To make things even better, the film offers intense action sequences that quickly make the viewer forget they're watching a Dreamworks animated movie (a big thanks must go out to one of the greatest directors working today; Guillermo Del Toro for being a consultant on these scenes!). And what really drives the fantastic story and great action is some top notch sound editing and UNBELIEVABLE animation. The environments look real, the characters move and act so realistically, you are quickly immersed into the film.

And what would an animated movie be without great voice acting? Will Ferrell is just outstanding as the evil Megamind--so good, he makes me forget he made Semi-Pro and Step Brothers. Jonah Hill also stars as man corrupted by limitless power and, surprisingly, he starts off as his usual Jonah Hill self--the same guy he plays in every movie--but ends up really delivering as the character Titan, the would-be replacement of Metro City's hero; Metro Man (played by Brad Pitt who, mysteriously, sounds like his buddy George Clooney). There's even a great cameo by Ben Stiller but someone who really stole the film for me was the IMMENSELY TALENTED David Cross as Megamind's sidekick; Minion

Great animation, a fun story and awesome action equals a really fun animated movie. While the film is never outright funny like other films of this genre (and this may end up boring young children) the movie is definitely geared to the geeks of society and if you love Superman or any other member of the Justice League, you'll get a kick out of this film. Especially when you start to pick up on all the DC comic references thrown about. So, put down your copy of Alan Moore's Watchmen and pop this baby into your DVD player, you can thank me later.

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