Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mannequin 2: On the Move

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Mannequin 2: On the Move - 1 out of 5

After revisiting the first film, I decided to watch the sequel that I never seen. All I can say is this: I regret that decision.

I thought the first one was bad but this one was just as bad. Not worse but just as bad and somehow that made the experience even more painful. Had this film actually surpassed the last one on the bad scale, I would have found myself saying, "Well, at least the first one was better" but when the second one is equally as bad, I have nothing to fall back on.

The story is the same but different. A store clerk discovers a mannequin that is on loan from the kingdom of Hauptmann-Koenig who, in reality, is a princess cursed to remain a statue until she is freed by love and, as luck would have it, the store clerk is the prince she was in love with a thousand years ago. So the fact that a mannequin who becomes alive and falls in love with a store clerk remains the same from the first film but the whole princess/prince curse business, that's new and actually sounds like some crap Disney would pull out of Mickey's ass.

What this sequel ends up delivering is some of the worst over-acting I've ever seen in a movie. Not a single person--not Kristy Swanson as the princess, William Ragsdale as the store clerk or even the extras are convincing in their roles. Every single solitary person acts like they are in a cartoon or are completely uncomfortable in their skin. It makes for a very strange film. OH! And I hope you enjoy hearing the same song over and over again because, like the first film, this movie picks one song (probably because that's all the production could afford) and plays it until your ears bleed.

Like the first film, the character of Hollywood is the film's only saving grace as he provides a miniscule amount of entertainment--and I emphasize miniscule. Other than that, this film follows perfect in the shadows of its predecessor with a 1 out of 5.

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