Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breeders (1997)

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Breeders - 1 out of 5

Before I start my review, I need to emphasize that this film has nothing to do with the other film I reviewed last month that shared the same name. This film is not a remake despite the fact that the names are exactly the same and they share the same basic story. Like the other movie, this one is about an alien out to be a baby daddy to many MANY ladies but the two biggest differences between this film and the other one is the fact that there is very little nudity in this one and this time around, the alien lands at a all women's college where, apparently, there are only about two dozen students since you never seen more than that around campus.

Normally, B-horror films (especially ones about aliens trying to breed with human females) contains A LOT of gratuitous nudity but this one had a surprising lack of it. Instead, this movie replaces all the potential boob shots with a single dare. A dare that challenges you to stay awake in this boring film. There's no real characters or real story going on here and all the actors seem either bored to death with their role or they think this is the break they've been looking for. The alien isn't that bad of a design but when your bad film lacks an interesting story and action, the alien just isn't enough to keep me interested. I'm usually not for gratuitous nudity but, in this case, this movie needed it badly.

Like the alien babies the unfortunately ladies are surrogate mothers to, this film should have been aborted.

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