Wednesday, March 30, 2011

127 Hours

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127 Hours - 5 out of 5

**Further Disclaimer**This review may contain spoilers. Although between you, me and the blog, they shouldn't qualify as spoilers since Ralston's story has been covered quite extensively and if you don't know how his story ended, you've probably been living under a rock--although not the one that pinned him to a wall.

Tales of survival and entertainment are no strangers. They've had a close relationship for a long time but rarely are they brought to the screen in a way that is realistic. 127 Hours is as close to reality as you will see a film about survival comes--in fact, the man who the story is based upon said that the facts of the movie were so close to reality, that it was nearly a documentary.

The movie follows the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston who, while navigating the cliffs and caverns of Utah, gets his arm stuck between a bolder and a cliff wall. Ultimately the movie ends with Ralston cutting off his own arm in order to get free but this is really just the icing on the cake as the film throws you down the emotional spiral that Ralston goes through during his torturous time spent trapped.

James Franco delivers--like a boss--as Ralston. Honestly, Franco is amazing in everything he plays. No matter if it was when he was out-acting Tobey Maguire in the Spider-man films or being the only thing entertaining about the stoner flop Pineapple Express, the guy can act the SHIT out of any part and this film is no exception. The man has a certain charm he can extrude that makes you easily believe he is the part he's playing.

To top off this movie, it's direct by one of the most versatile directors I can think of, Danny Boyle. This guy has made movies about infected killing machines, scientists on a mission to restart the sun, heroin addicts and even an American Bollywood film. Boyle brings this movie to the screen in a way that you, for every second of the film, experience the pain, anguish and a Gollum/Smeagol-style insanity that Ralston goes through. Through amazing camera work that throws you directly into the face of a dying man, tight editing and some amazing music, Boyle did such an amazing job in the director's chair, I really question the Academy's decision of NOT giving him Best Director this year.

Going into 127 Hours, I had neither high, nor low expectations. I didn't read or pay attention to the hype that surrounded this movie and, after watching, I see the critics were right as this movie was just amazing as it put me through a roller coaster of emotion. I highly recommend this one.

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