Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Waiting for "Superman"

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Waiting for "Superman" - 4 out of 5

Director Davis Guggenheim's second documentary about the education system where he follows several students and their parents as they try to get into schools that would best serve the younglings' need for the future all the while exposing how bad this country really has it with education.

It's no secret our country is royally screwed in the education department. If you don't know this or accept this, you are probably one of the millions uneducated or in deep denial. Whatever the case, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I would love to sell you. That aside, this doc is simply wonderful. It's put together and presented smoothly as it hits with with the numbers and first hand accounts of the troubles our education system has along side some of the most beautifully shot B-role I've ever seen.

Like all documentaries, the problem is focused on by showcasing through facts and figures (all put on screen with those eye grabbing animations documentaries have become known for) but also the most powerful form of persuasion, the first hand account. Guggenheim follows several students and successfully puts a human face to what both the inner-city and suburban schools face. Not surprisingly, this has a very strong and definitive emotional impact on the viewer. I'll be honest, there were several key scenes that caused me to fight back the tears as we see these parents fighting the establishment and red tape in order to give their kids a future.

Because of our low ranking status in all the developed countries of the world when it concerns education, this is one of those documentaries that everyone should see--that is if some people can be pulled away from Jersey Shore. Beautifully shot and talking about an issue that has an effect on our entire society whether you have children or not, Waiting for "Superman" is a fantastic and emotional plea to our leaders and rule makers that change will not come from some superhero but rather we, the people. Hell, it won't even come from watching this doc...but it'll help open some eyes, so that helps.

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