Monday, February 14, 2011

House IV: The Repossession

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House IV: The Repossession - 1 out of 5

The final film in the House franchise that sees the return of The Greatest American Hero; William Katt, to the series. However, this man's return does not bring with it a return to the entertainment value that we saw in the first two films.

Technically, this is actually the third movie in the series but thanks to a little film called The Horror Show (you can see my review here on my blog for that particular film) deciding to label itself as House III in foreign markets, forced the producers of this snore-fest to called itself the fourth in the series to avoid confusion. Maybe if the filmmakers spent less time worrying about confusing the audience on the title and more time on the story, this film might have worked.

The story follows William Katt's character from the first film but other than sharing a name, it has no connection with the first film as Roger Cobb suddenly has a new family and no mention is made about the haunted house he inherited from his aunt. In fact, this film sees him inheriting ANOTHER haunted house that his stepbrother wants for himself. The film ends up becoming 94 minutes of failed scares and even bigger failed attempts at being funny (a comedic presence was something the first two--especially the second one--succeed at). The movie just feels like a sloppy mess as it can't quite balance the lackluster horror and comedy together. And did I mention it was boring?

I don't often like to end my reviews with bad puns (I usually like to mix my puns in around the review and then make fun of how bad the pun was to begin with because I'm classy dammit!) but House IV: The Repossession is a film that never should have begun construction or, at the very least, went into foreclosure before it was unleashed on the public.

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