Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Town

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The Town - 4 out of 5

7 years ago, I would have said Ben Affleck's career was dead because of his union with Jennifer Lopez and their unholy creation that was called Gigli but the man has since seemingly got his sanity and his career back.

Affleck takes both the helm and co-stars in this amazing crime genre that follows a group of criminals in Boston, Mass who are hunted by a dedicated F.B.I. agent. What follows is a heart-pounding action crime genre that seems to balance the amount of story and bullets flying through the air perfectly. Add this together with a great visual eye from Affleck, tight editing and great music, you got yourself a fantastic film with a stellar cast.

Jeremy Renner (I'm still upset he didn't win Best Actor for The Hurt Locker) pulls his own right next to Affleck as the 2nd-in-command of this Boston gang. Renner is as good as you expect him to be and he's come a long way since his first role: National Lampoon's Senior Trip. Playing the role of the incredibly cool F.B.I. agent is the man Don Draper himself; Jon Hamm. It's nice to see Hamm's career start to take off, he deserves it. Hey Hollywood, let's have more Jon Hamm and less Sam Worthington please. But if these three weren't enough, Chris Cooper shows up playing Affleck's father and then, to top it off, one of the greatest character actors to ever exists shows up; Pete Postlewaite (Rest In Peace, good sir).

A great cast, amazing story and extremely well put together equals The Town being a must see.

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