Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Piranha (2010)

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Piranha (2010) - 4 out of 5

Boobs, blood and pure fun! That's all this movie is.

I love bad films and when a movie is unapologetic with its cheesiness and overall badness, you have me sold in spades and that's what Piranha (a.k.a. Piranha 3-D) promised and they delivered. The movie is just fun and doesn't take itself too seriously and, if you understand that going in, you'll have a great time watching it. Even without the gimmick of 3-D, this movie is still great (considering the 3-D wasn't that good--yes, I saw it in the theater, too).

But the fun doesn't just come from the gratuitous tits from the spring breakers (some of which were known porn stars like Riley Steele and Gianna Michaels--yes, I know who they are, hater) or even the gruesome deaths. A great cast really helps make this movie entertaining as we see great cameos by the likes of Richard Dreyfuss and--GREAT SCOTT--Christopher Lloyd. But when your main cast has Ving Rhames doing his thing and Jerry O'Connell making fun of the douche bag who made Girls Gone Wild, you have yourself one damn entertaining movie. And even more surprising was the fact that the film was, from a technical standpoint, really well made. The special effects are decent and the camera work and editing is spot on.

Okay, Piranha isn't a movie that will win an Academy Award. The writing is simple and straight forward, the characters aren't complex but the film knows this and, as long as you don't expect Citizen Kane with piranhas walking in and just sit back with a tub of popcorn, you can have a lot of fun watching this gorefest. I know I did!

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