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Oscar - 4 out of 5

Fast pace comedy that requires perfect timing and hitting marks that would make William Tell jealous is very difficult and very few comedians are able to perfectly achieve it. Off the top of my head, Brain Donors is one of the best films that showcases this difficult art but I am now able to add another one to my list. The Sly Stallone headed film Oscar.

I'm still trying to figure out why I never heard of this movie before because it is that funny as the comedy comes at you fast and furious (and there are no cars or Vin Diesel involved with the fast and furious elements of this movie). The cast is fantastic as Stallone (who's not normally known for comedic roles--also this was made before his face looked like a melted piece of plastic) is supported by the likes of Don Ameche, Tim Curry, Marisa Tomei, Chazz Palminteri, Peter Riegert and Red Foreman himself; Kurtwood Smith. All these actors (and more) come together in an amazing dance of comedy as they bounce the jokes off each other rapid fire--AND NO ONE MISSES A BEAT! Two men who deserve extra special praise are the Finucci brothers played by lawyer turned T-Rex dinner; Martin Ferrero and Kent Brockman himself; Harry Shearer. These two are just plain hysterical!

This movie is extremely well put together and comes together like a piece of art where everything from the acting, characters, story, camera work and comedy all work together in perfect harmony.

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