Sunday, December 5, 2010

Omen III: The Final Conflict

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Omen III: The Final Conflict - 1 out of 5

Slightly better than the previous sequel due to the decent performance of Sam Neill (taking over the reigns of a older Damien) but a boring story only hurts whatever progress Neill gives this franchise.

Unlike the first film, this movie brings us neck deep into supernatural territory and does away with the ambiguity that Richard Donner crafted in the first film. The man was such a genius in the original film by making all the events happening around the young, evil child appear to be either an act of demonic powers or pure coincidence. That was the beauty of The Omen. However, this creativity is disregarded for a more over the top story that stops short of Damien shooting fire from his fingertips...however, if the film was another ten minutes longer, this probably would have happened.

More unsettling than the boring story (that revolves around Damien killing all children he believes to be the rebirth of Christ) has to be the relationship Damien has with the son of his love interest--yes, the son of Satan has a love interest. The creepy exchanges between this child and Damien (thankfully are few and far between) are something that only NAMBLA or a Catholic priest could enjoy. For the rest of us, our reaction comes in the form of our thumbs hovering over the stop button on our DVD remotes. Seriously, the filmmakers could have created this relationship about a young boy ready to serve his new dark lord without it looking like they are courting each other for a romp in the hay.

Like many horror film sequels, this doesn't live up to the first one--in fact, this one (and the previous one, the remake and the one that comes after this one) should have been film abortions because the original movie is so good, it should have been left by itself and remain untainted in the echelons of film.

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