Saturday, December 4, 2010

Naked World

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Naked World - 4 out of 5

HBO's second documentary about photographer Spencer Tunick. However, instead of getting nudies on all fifty states, he's out to take pics of naked people on all seven continents...all in one year. Filmed in the same fashion as the last doc (which isn't surprising since it was made by the same people) this film takes a step back and watches Spencer (and the models) struggle with the language and cultural barriers as the photographer attempts to create his new dream. Many critics of these two films cite that Tunick is pretentious and annoying in these films but, as a creative man myself, I understand the frustrations that come when trying to create something that is being blocked at every turn, so, I guess, I really didn't find Spencer irritating in either film. Also, unlike the previous documentary, we see more criticism from others on Spencer's work that wasn't really focused on as much in Naked States (this included a man running out and protesting a large photo shoot in England.)

In my opinion, this was the superior of the two documentaries due to the global outlook it takes as Spencer travels the globe. We already know that America is uptight with nudity in public but this doc shows that views towards nudity change from country to country and created new problems for the unique photographer. If you checked out Naked States, I really recommend watching this one as well.

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