Friday, December 31, 2010

Harry Brown

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Harry Brown - 3 out of 5

Sure revenge stories are kinda cliche in the movie world but who doesn't love a good story about a man taking justice into his own hands.

This time around, one of the coolest men to ever exist, Michael Caine, is the man out for vengeance. Caine plays Harry who lives in a violent neighborhood and when he loses both his wife and his best friend, he is no longer content to sit back and let his town go to hell. Unlike most revenge flicks, Caine isn't playing a seemingly invincible ass-kicker who comes running in with guns blazin' however, he is still able to show some bad-assery. While this movie isn't filled with action, the story is strong enough that when the few action sequences take place, they feel like icing on the cake.

While not the best action film to come out, Michael Caine's performance and some decent bloody kills is enough to warrant a viewing Harry Brown.

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