Tuesday, December 14, 2010

David Cross: Let America Laugh

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David Cross: Let America Laugh - 4 out of 5

Not really a stand up special, but rather a behind-the-scenes documentary-style view of a professional comic on his tour. While not as funny as watching an ACTUAL David Cross stand up routine, this film offers a look at what really goes into a comedy tour: the promoters, the fans, the off the wall events that can't be made up--oh and did I mention the fans? As a stand up comic myself, I enjoyed watching this except for a single woman who was being interviewed by the cameraman. This woman told the cameraman that smaller, independent venues are better than comedy clubs or corporate events because the audience comes out to support the talent. In a sense, this women is correct. Smaller venues gives a comic the freedom to be creative and raw but the corporate events pay better. However, the problem I had with her statement was that she was only half right. At this venue she was at, David Cross was performing and Mr. Cross (who I have a HUGE respect for) is already established and has a fan base so, naturally, his fans would come out to his show. The support for the artist that this woman speaks of doesn't happen with unknown comics. The editors were even kind enough to put a clip of a man saying that he doesn't go out to see bands or comics he doesn't know (a nice counter-point to the bullshit this woman puked out of her mouth). I myself have had many MANY troubles getting the apathetic masses who can't be bothered with live entertainment to come out to my shows. So, all-in-all, this movie is great and entertaining, it's just this woman's smug comments and complete ignorance to how performing for a living really is when you are not a world famous stand up comedian really is completely pissed me off.

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