Friday, December 10, 2010

Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest

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Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest - 1 out of 5

Five years before the Leprechaun franchise decided to put the feisty four-clover killing machine in the ghetto, the Children of the Corn franchise did it first...and did it terribly.

Like the previous films, this third film continues the horrible quality of bad acting and lame story. My hat goes off to them to be able to keep up this level of couldn't have been easy. It's amusing to give the subtitle of Urban Harvest when nothing in this film really feels "urban." Sure there's basketball, some rap music and the kids in the high school don't want to learn--which is all you would expect from a movie written by a white guy who thinks he knows how black youths live.

The movie gets even more enjoyable to watch as the film culminates in a battle against a giant monster who uses vines to rape a young Charlize Theron (her very first role). And this battle against the monster has some of the worst special effects you've ever seen. The filmmakers actually use toys to recreate human beings that their puppet monster must eat. If I was on the set of this film, I probably would have started asking myself, "If this is the quality we're going to deliver in the final reel of the film, maybe we should just write-out the monster."

All in all, this film is an utter piece of trash and didn't even deserve its direct to video status...however, it is so bad, that's it's unintentionally hilarious and THAT, is the film's only redeeming quality.

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