Friday, November 5, 2010

The Sinful Dwarf

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The Sinful Dwarf - 1 out of 5

I discovered this gem of crap on my favorite movie website; It was categorized as one of those great bad movies. Since I'm a fan of really bad movies that are such pieces of crap they instantly become entertaining, I put the movie on my Netflix queue but when I sat down to watch it, I couldn't find any entertaining value.

The film is about a sadistic mother and her dwarf son who kidnap women, get them addicted to drugs and use them as prostitutes. The premise is already stupid and sounds like the director's excuse to showcase his own perverted fantasies and, it turns out, is exactly what the movie was. The film tries to show a story as a young couple end up renting a room from these two evil people and, predictably, the woman discovers the horrible secret and becomes a victim herself as her husband, originally dimwitted, suddenly puts all the clues together and comes to the rescue. But despite its attempt at a story, this movie was really just a playground for pointless nudity and gratuitous sex. Nearly 75% of the movie is pointless sex and rape scenes. And, as if to mock the viewers, the filmmakers placed very annoying and VERY LOUD music to accompany these sex scenes (mind you, all the other audio is quiet and you are forced to constantly turn the volume on your television up and down).

All in all, this is just a plain bad movie that provides no entertainment value that the likes of, say, Mega Piranha delivers. Sure the acting is terrible but the ridiculous amount of sex quickly makes the viewer stop laughing and feel ashamed to be taking part in viewing this stinkfest. Without a doubt, The Sinful Dwarf is something you should just skip because it is so bad, it's not even worth making fun of it.

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