Saturday, November 6, 2010

Short Circuit 2

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Short Circuit 2 - 3 out of 5

It's not often that I find a sequel better than the one that started it all but Short Circuit 2 is definitely one of those sequels that are superior than the first.

The first film's only redeeming factor was giving us the iconic character of Johnny 5. However, a boring story and terrible acting made the first film a waste of time. More charm and a better story and acting make this movie much more enjoyable to sit through. This time around, we see Johnny 5 helping his friend Ben Jahrvi (Fisher Stevens) make toys for a big department story as the robot tries to make it in the big city. The terrible acting of 80's icons Steve Guttenberg and Ally Sheedy are gone and replaced with a genuine funny man, Michael McKean. Stevens portrayal of Ben Jarhvi borders on the line of offensive and funny but, honestly, he is definitely toned down and a more serious character than he was in the first one. And that is actually saying a lot because he was much more offensive in the first movie.

This film also is better in the sense that the story is less generic and actually gets a little serious as it starts to dive deeper into the fact that Johnny 5, despite being a robot, is actually alive. There is a fantastic scene where Johnny 5 is assaulted and, after the first blow is struck, one of his attackers is splashed with battery fluid that looks much like blood. Despite this movie being a comedy, this scene is actually quite moving as it legitimizes Johnny 5 as a character, and not the gimmick that he was in the first film.

It's a rare occasion that a sequel can surpass the original and Short Circuit 2 is one of the few that has earned this acolyte.

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