Friday, November 26, 2010

She's Out of My League

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She's Out of My League - 2 out of 5

Here's a movie cliche I'm getting tired of...Socially awkward geek gets the incredible hot, but seemingly down to earth, girl, teaching guys like me that there is still hope in this world. Sadly, this cliche has been so overdone and dudes like me ALL know that all hope is lost for us to have a story like this one. This movie is a by-the-books cliche where absolutely nothing in it is something we haven't already seen in spades.

But Ron, is there a scene where the couple are completely in love and we are treated to a montage of their dates set to terrible pop/rock?

Of course there is, text dialogue meant to be a person asking a question despite the fact I am alone in my place typing this out while I rock out to old school Aerosmith. There is even the scene where the guy can't deal with the fact he is dating a girl this hot and breaks things off with her and is miserable but his pals do something wild to get them back together. Yep, nothing about this movie is fresh and original and, for the most part, it was completely boring and devoid of any humor whatsoever. But I kinda expected that when one of the jokes put in the trailer was Lindsay Sloane's character asking a guy if he was a plane doctor. Really, writers? That was the best joke you could come up with?

The only redeeming quality of this film that stopped me from giving it a 1 out of 5 was T.J. Miller (Hud from Cloverfield). Every scene he had was genuinely funny and helped keep me from turning off this piece of crap and putting in something better. But as far as the cast goes, he was the only good thing. Lindsay Sloane was your typical attitude-filled best friend to the hot chick. Had this movie been made 10 years ago, Sarah Silverman would have played this one-dimensional, pointless character because those are the only characters Silverman plays.

Then there's the hot chick played by Alice Eve. It would have been nice to have a woman who was convincing in her role to play this part but I guess one can't be hot and talented at the same time. Even more unbearable than Eve's acting was giving the lead role to Jay Baruchel (who, mysteriously, kept saying he was out of shape but the man was rail thin. I wish I was THAT KIND of out of shape). Baruchel is not a bad actor--in fact, he can be quite good in supporting roles (or doing the main voice in How To Train Your Dragon) but this movie showed that he is not a leading man in a live action role. It was a mystery to me why the director allowed Baruchel to play the part the way he did because rather than come off like a awkward nice guy, he actually came off as an asshole in most of his scenes, leaving me, the viewer, to not want to see him and the hot chick end up together. His character was often rude to the hot chick when she seemed to genuinely try to be nice to him and even show interest.

So, overall, She's Out of My League will give you a few chuckles with T.J. Miller but, for the most part, it just annoyed and bored me.

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