Tuesday, November 30, 2010

John Adams

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John Adams - 5 out of 5

Okay, seriously...How does HBO keep churning out great programming? Everything they pump out is always the best and this mini-series about one of our country's founding fathers is no exception.

Everything in this series is done to perfection. From the cast to the actual execution of every episode, each part of this series is delivered in ways you don't usually see on television. The attention to detail in the technical aspects like the costumes is second to none and even the fact that John Adams' teeth start to get bad as he ages is just great as minor things like that are often overlooked in period pieces. Think about it, how many times have you seen bleached white teeth in a movie that takes place in a time where there were no bleaching services?

Paul Giamatti knocks it out of the park as John Adams and to make this pot even sweeter, he is surrounded by some great talent. Laura Linney as Abagail Adams, Danny Huston as Samuel Adams, Tom Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin and, one of the best casting decisions next to having Paul Giamatti play the title role, David Morse as George Washington. And to make the pot even SWEETER, one of my favorite character actors graces us on two episodes, the amazingly talented and versatile Zeljiko Ivanek. Seriously, there isn't a single actor in this series who can't deliver their part and watching them all in action is a thing of beauty.

History has always been a subject I've enjoyed and the building of a nation--any nation--with all the work, treachery (it's something that seems to be a necessary evil when it comes to building a nation and the U.S.A. is not free of this sin) and dedication it takes to do so has ALWAYS been fascinating to me and getting to see it committed to film and done in a way that it feels like you are watching it happen is nearly magical. If you haven't seen this mini-series, I highly recommend it.

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