Tuesday, November 16, 2010


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Ink - 4 out of 5

If you ever needed proof that pirating films has a positive impact on the industry, Ink is that proof. A low budget fantasy film about beings who influence our dreams ultimately seemed to be destined for obscurity when it became one of the top downloaded torrents on the internet and the DVD sales skyrocketed. The filmmakers even openly thanked the pirates for making the film a success. But after watching the film, it's a shame that it took pirating to put this film in the spotlight because it was a very unique movie that has a story devoid of the typical Hollywood cliches that stink up the theaters week after week. The film is low budget but other than the quality of the film used, you would never realize that this wasn't a big budget studio production.

Sadly, the acting isn't the best I've witnessed but never is it so bad that it actually distracts you from the movie. In fact, to call the acting 'bad' is an insult because the acting was more 'passable' than 'bad.' It was a lot better than sitting through anything Sam Worthington has ever done, I can say that. Not to mention it was better than the stutter-encrusted ramblings of Shia LaBeouf, the 101 smiles of Tom Cruise or the man who confuses the ability to dance with acting; John Travolta. In fact, when I put it like that--when I look at all the shitty actors that clutter our movie screens, the acting in this movie was leaps and bounds beyond the crap these four men do. In fact, one actor was so good, I have to point him out as Jeremy Make really made (no pun) the film with his portrayal of the blind Pathfinder; Jacob.

But what makes this movie pure magic is the story and the visuals this film delivers. Both these aspects were so good and when you realize that no studios wanted to distribute this movie makes me angry to the point I may turn into The Hulk. Every week, Hollywood releases remake after remake, sequel after sequel and movies that just blatantly rip off other films (I'm looking at you, Avatar) and this--a unique film that, despite the lack of budget it has when compared to your typical Hollywood release--was well made and VERY entertaining but can't land a distribution deal. For shame, Hollywood...for shame.

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