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House - 3 out of 5

It's not the doctor.

Nope, instead it's a horror film from 1986 starring, believe it or not, William Katt (I will not apologize for that pun). And with a tagline to the movie like "Ding Dong, you're dead," how can you go wrong?

This movie is just hilarious but, as it turns out, it was suppose to be as it was a comedy/horror film. The movie never takes itself too seriously as it surrounds a writer (Katt) who inherits his aunt's haunted house where he decides to do his writing. Yep, that's the story. There's no way it COULDN'T have been a comedy. Then, when you add in the fact George Wendt and Bull from Night Court is in it, you are assured that this is not your run of the mill horror film and you'll get some cheesy entertainment out of it.

This movie isn't great but it is funny and will offer up some laughs, so there is a redeeming quality to it. Just don't expect to be scared.

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