Saturday, November 20, 2010

Da Vinci's Inquest Season 2

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Da Vinci's Inquest Season 2 - 4 out of 5

Since television became the dominant form of entertainment in the world, we've been bombarded with cop dramas that usually fall into one of a couple of categories. One of them is centered entirely around the drama. In this category, we see the typical stories revolving around the alcoholic cop, the crooked cop, the by-the-books cop and the cop struggling to keep a balance between his work and his family. Then there's the gritty cop shows that focus on the reality of crime and punishment like showcased in The Wire. There's also the flashy cop shows the centers around over-the-top crimes, witty one-liners leading into a rocking theme by The Who and photo editing software that has yet to exist. Da Vinci's Inquest falls more into the gritty category with a dose of drama...and that recipe makes for one tantalizing show when you spice it up with great characters played by fantastic actors.

A friend of mine from Canada recently told me about this show and, since I'll give any movie or show a shot, I watched it and found myself hooked in the first season as I watched the story of a Vancouver coroner working to uncover the truth unfold. The show centers around the coroner Dominic Da Vinci but he is surrounded by rich supporting characters--in fact, to call them supporting characters is an injustice as the show is very much an ensemble cast that all blend perfectly together. Add in the fact this show has some of the most realistic dialogue and exchanges I've ever scene in a show and you are quick to forget you are watching a work of fiction and you are pulled into the story almost completely. And this season, the stories were off the chart on the entertainment scale. Right off the bat, the season starts with local prostitutes disappearing and the season ends with a gripping conclusion to this story. Then, in-between, we are blessed with stories that made me say, on more than one occasion, "okay, I'll just watch one more episode" as it grew late into the night.

Nicholas Campbell plays the coroner Dominic Da Vinci and does so amazingly. The character is smart and dedicated but doesn't cross the line into the pure, egotistical asshole that we see so often in television now. Donnelly Rhodes (who would later play Dr. Cottle on Battlestar Galactica) really delivers this season as Det. Leo Shannon--better than he was in the first season. Another improvement was seen by Ian Tracey, who plays Det. Mick Leary. In the first season, I didn't really care for his character because it felt like he didn't bring much to the table but with side stories that focused on his crumbling marriage, we see Tracey really bring this character to life. This season also saw fantastic guest spots as Callum Keith Rennie (the man who would later become Cylon Leoben on Battlestar Galactica--one of my favorite shows EVER!) takes on a reoccurring role as Det. Bob Marlowe and we see one of my favorite character actors becoming the main focus on the major storyline of the season; Matt Frewer (who we should all lovingly remember as Max Headroom).

Overall, Da Vinci's Inquest is a fantastic crime drama that delivers realism without ever having to resort to the flash of shows like C.S.I. (don't get me wrong, I like C.S.I.). Can't wait to start Season 3!


  1. right on the money..and i can tell you that as you go forward..each season gets better than the next..and towards the fifth, sixth, and seventh season you will encounter a great actor and for which you will captivated of the best shows ever produced anywhere in my opinion

  2. Thanks, Mark. I'm really glad you turned me on to this show.


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