Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bride of Chucky

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Bride of Chucky - 3 out of 5

This is the movie where the franchise actually got enjoyable.

The first three movies were only entertaining because they were so bad and the character of Chucky was funny and enjoyable to watch but this one, the filmmakers stopped trying to make a horror film and focused on what made the other films watchable: the humor. Switching the series over to a dark comedy was a vast improvement as I didn't watch this one on an ironic level like the other three but on a pure enjoyment level.

The filmmakers, thankfully, rid the story of any presence of Andy and focuses the story entirely around Chucky as the serial killer who inhabits the doll; Charles Lee Ray, has a girlfriend (Tiffany) who is hankering for his return (played by Jennifer Tilly). One thing leads to another (as they often do in these movies) and Tiffany becomes a doll too and they both venture out to get new bodies as they leave a trail of blood and laughs behind them.

Once again, the master returns to lend his voice to Chucky and Brad Dourif seems to outdo himself in the voice acting department. Jennifer Tilly also delivers amazingly as Tiffany and plays quite well off of Dourif. This movie also sees John Ritter (Rest in Peace, sir. You are missed.) in a minor role but although his scenes are short and few, they are very funny. Even more impressive is how well the animatronics of the dolls has become--especially when you look at how they were in the first film.

Sure the story is simple and the writing isn't very deep but the movie is just plain fun. It balances the horror with the comedy perfectly and marks the first time I didn't have to look at bad acting and bad special effects to find enjoyment in a Chucky movie.

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