Friday, October 22, 2010

Short Circuit

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Short Circuit - 2 out of 5

This lovable little romp about Johnny 5, the sentient robot out to save his own metal skin from an evil military, is a film that lives better in my memories. Revisiting it now, I realized the movie isn't that great.

Don't get me wrong, this movie isn't terrible. In fact, Johnny 5 (who actually doesn't take that name till the very end of the film) is a great character that has become an icon but bad acting, weak story and some really uncomfortable moments between man and machine make this some bad hat, Harry (to quote Jaws).

From a technical standpoint, Johnny 5 is amazing. Aside from the few scenes where editing was used to make him do things like dance (sped up film, it looks silly) congrats have to be given to the engineers for creating the various robots to do the scenes needed for the movie. And because of these marvels of engineering, you ACTUALLY believe that Number 5 is a real character and not just a set piece that they gave a voice.

However, what hurts this movie more than anything is the weak acting by Steve Guttenberg (honestly, was I suppose to believe he was an engineer?) and the OVER-acting by Ally Sheedy. The film gets even worse when there is a very vague sense of sexual tension between Number 5 and Ally Sheedy. Of course, in 1986, internet porn wasn't readily available like it is today so all those petriphiliacs out there had to get their rocks off somewhere.

In the end, the memories I have watching this movie were much more pleasant than actually returning and watching the film now. This isn't surprising considering I was only 5 (hey, just like the robot) when I watched this and when you're 5, being entertained isn't a difficult thing to do.

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