Monday, October 11, 2010

Mega Piranha

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Mega Piranha - 3 out of 5


That is the one word I can think of to describe this movie and, because it was so damn funny, that is why this poorly made, poorly written and poorly acted movie gets a 3 out of 5.

I love bad movies and this movie is as bad as they get. The bad acting and shitty special effects provide entertainment on a level that a well made film can't provide. And believe me, everything about this movie is terrible and just delivers on some insanely entertaining sequences.

First off, there is the special effects that look like they were made in a child's, off the shelf, computer effects creator. I don't actually think such a thing exists but if it did, they used it to make the sorriest looking computer generated piranhas that have ever been committed to film. Then, add in the campy acting of the nobody lead actor; Paul Logan (who could rival Sam Worthington in the generic, growling brooding voice), former mall pop star Tiffany (who sadly isn't as hot as the day she was when she did her Playboy spread) and The Brady Bunch's own Greg Brady, Barry Williams. Mix in a weak story and you have yourself pure gold that will keep you laughing all the way through.

In all honesty, I don't know what was the funniest aspect about this movie. How about the fact that apparently the ocean has a100 foot drop off two feet away from the shore. Or the fact the commando team in charge of taking out the deadly piranha were armed with special underwater guns that were actually NERF guns spray painted black. Or maybe the fact that a giant piranha can leap out of the water, crash into a building and blow up like a missile. All this and more is in store for you if you watch Mega Piranha.

I HIGHLY recommend this movie. Get your friends together, pile up on the couch and laugh your asses off.


  1. If you think this was good, wait till the latest from The Asylum, MILF and 8213: Gacy House.

  2. I do love bad movies, I shall check those out.


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