Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Good Son

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The Good Son - 1 out of 5

I realize this movie about the psycho little child played by Macaulay Culkin came out in 1993 but this is the first time I've seen it. Reason being that when it came out, I was off the Culkin bandwagon and quite sick of all the media attention he received. Yes, even in 1993, I felt the kid was a terrible actor and was all hype...hell, to this day, I still think he is a very unconvincing actor.

Like most actors who are typecast as a loveable scamp, they crave to be respected so they take a dark role and it usually never works. There is a reason Culkin was cast the way he was as a child and you can see it in this movie because he is VERY difficult to take seriously as a sadistic child. His delivery is so flat, that it's actually laughable when you seem him try to act like he is a scary, troublesome youth.

Which brings me to my next point...If you are going to put a film in a genre called "thriller," make damn sure you have thrills in it because this movie had none. Tension levels are very low in this movie, in fact, my heart races quicker when I stand in line at the DMV. Yes, that is how boring this movie is. I would rather stand in line at the DMV. At least after an hour an a half there, I have something to show for it. At the end of this piece of garbage, I ACTUALLY lost something--my time and a piece of my soul died from this unimaginative crime against film.

The only shining light in this movie is seeing a young Frodo (okay, Elijah Wood, he'll always be Frodo to me). Even at his young age, you see his talent and it is almost unfair to pair him with Culkin because he just dominates in the scenes they share. So, overall, if you've never seen this movie, don't bother to watch it. All it does it take time away from you that could be put to better use, even if that better use is watching even a slightly less crappy film.

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