Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ghoulies II

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Ghoulies II - 2 out of 5

Just slightly less shitty than the first one.

Unlike the first one, the Ghoulies actually have a part to play in this movie and actually do something. Also, unlike the first one, there is a consistent plot at work. Now, similar to the first one, the acting is terrible and the story is lame. However, this movie is one of those bad movies that are hilarious.

And people actually get killed in this one. Unlike the first one.

This movie is in no way scary or well made but because it is so bad, there is an entertainment value to that. However, it isn't bad enough (believe it or not, although they are dated, the special effects aren't bad) to give it a higher rating. Sometimes, when a movie is epically bad, they become quite entertaining and then I love the movie. However, this one isn't bad enough to jump pass being a complete piece of crap, to being an awesome laughfest. But still, this movie does offer some great laughs...just not enough to warrant a 3 out of 5 like other really great bad movies.

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