Monday, October 11, 2010

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

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The Garbage Pail Kids Movie - 1 out of 5

This film is one of one hundred that have the honor of being labeled one of the worst films ever made. It even boasts a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. And going back and revisiting this movie after not seeing since the 80's, I can understand why.

What a load of garbage (no pun intended) this film was.

Pure concentrated 80's was this movie. It's like the filmmakers took everything that defined the 80's, blended it up and poured it into a projector. The fashions, the music--all of it screams 80's excess.

The film's story is weak but that shouldn't be a surprising consider it's based on a trading card series. Not much source material to work on. But, aside from the story, the most distracting part of this movie is the terrible costumes the actors must sport as The Garbage Pail Kids. I realize special effects were limited and the animatronics in the suits were probably not the best but it was obvious the suits were awkward for the little people inside as them fumble around each scene. There's even a terrific scene where one of the GPK is trying to move a small ATV and it is clear the little person is peering through the open mouth of the head to see. This is even more entertaining when you notice the GPK's eyes are looking up and to the side.

This movie also gets a little disturbing. Not because the GPK are puking and farting but because of the fact that a teenage girl (named Tangerine) makes flirtatious advances on a much younger boy, the main character; Dodger. She blows kisses at him, gives him a looooong kiss on the cheek and even, at one point, crosses her heart as she makes him a promise but does it in a seductive way, calling attention to her breasts. These actions made an already bad movie VERY uncomfortable.

All these bad things being said, this movie does have one redeemable aspect. And that is it is very funny. Not because of the humor in the movie itself but because it is sooo bad, it will make you laugh. But unlike other bad movies I review that get higher ratings (like Mega Piranha), the humor derived from the bad filmmaking isn't enough to warrant a higher rating because the laughs you get in this movie are more out of being uncomfortable than out of pure joy.

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