Friday, October 15, 2010

Back to School

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Back to School - 4 out of 5

Classic comedy!

But would this comedy have been a classic if Rodney Dangerfield wasn't in it? Absolutely not. In fact, the premise for this movie isn't that great but thanks to Rodney, this movie becomes gold. His witty one-liners, although shockingly few and far between in this movie, are what keep this movie going.

It's been a long time since I've seen this movie and even longer since I've seen it NOT on television. I completely forgot that Robert Downing Jr. was in this movie and also forgot that Sam Kinison was in it. And, I just learned, that Kinison's part was originally going to go to Jim Carrey at Dangerfield's insistence but the filmmakers thought he was too young to play the history professor. But getting to see two of comedy's greatest in one movie is enough to make it an instant classic.

Even after all these years, this comedy about a rich father going back to college (or, as it is in the case of the movie, going to college for the first time) to help his son cope with the stress of attending is still hilarious. Amazing is also the fact that none of the humor is dated. At no point were there jokes that related to the time period. Yes, the fashion and the music is quite dated but the jokes aren't. In fact, the only complaint I truly have for this film is the music.

Originally, the filmmakers commissioned Alice Cooper to write a song for the film but, for some reason, the deal fell through and the song never appears in the movie. But the biggest crime against music being done to this movie is having Danny Elfman be the film's composer. I'm sorry, but I am NOT a Danny Elfman fan. All the songs he composes in EVERY movie sound EXACTLY the same. I'm still waiting for the day he makes one that sounds different.

But other than that extremely minor complaint, this movie still holds up.

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