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Pontypool - 5 out of 5

If you're a fan of The Twilight Zone, the concept behind this film may sound familiar but despite the similarities between this story and TZ episode called Need to Know, Pontypool delivers the concept far better.

This movie is creepy and unique in the fact the entire story (except for a small handful of scenes) takes place in a radio station. And, let me say this right away, this movie is NOT a zombie film. When I first watched the trailer, I believed it was but it turns out it is sooooo much more. It's hard to review this movie without giving away plot points but let me say this: It is one of the most creative stories I've ever seen involving deadly hordes of infected people. I know that sounds strange but the film's real kicker is the way the virus is transmitted.

Stephen McHattie leads this film as morning shock jock, Grant Mazzy and, being that the film takes place in a radio station, the movie does a tremendous job with its sound. It sounds soooo good and McHattie is so tremendous in his portrayal of Mazzy, you ACTUALLY believe he is a DJ. McHattie's skills are really broadcast in the beginning of the film, as the madness in Pontypool starts, the camera will stay statically on his face and the amount of real emotion you can see pouring off him as he tries to comprehend (but act as if he is not bothered by) what is happening in this small town is Oscar worthy.

All the elements of quality film making come together to make a nearly perfect thriller that leaps out of the park of scary movie cliches that have grown tiresome over the years. Although there are a few scary movie cliches to be seen, they don't ever take you out of the movie.

And then there is the the credits, trust me.

This movie so perfectly delivers its story that you are sucked into it with your pulse racing. Great movie.

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