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GasLand - 5 out of 5

This is one of those documentaries that EVERYONE should watch. I do my best to reduce my carbon footprint on this planet and do everything I can to treat the environment with respect but, sadly, not everyone thinks this way. We live in a wasteful society where we believe that we can waste our natural resources without thinking about the consequences we'll have for not only future generations, but consequences on the environment and people who inhabit this planet. And it didn't come as a surprise to me when those evil bastards known as Halliburton turned out to be one of the energy companies knowingly destroying the environment and poisoning people's water supplies in this film. And, I am very embarrassed to say that one of my relative's spouses works for this evil corporation.

From a technical standpoint, this is your typical, run-of-the-mill documentary without the flash of a Michael Moore or Morgan Spurlocke film. There are no silly cartoons, just one man, talking to real people who have become victims of the energy companies. Now the filmmaker, Josh Fox isn't a filmmaker by trade. He's just a man who was offered a ludicrous sum of money from the energy company to rape his land. Now, Fox's narration has the potential to annoy some viewers because he is very monotone but the atrocities being shown on the screen and the facts being brought to light were enough for me to ignore this minor irritant.

I read several reviews on Netflix for this movie and most of them saw what I saw: an eye opening doc about the dangers of fracking for natural gas. However, occasionally I spotted a review that stated this movie was full of lies and a sham...then I discovered why they said that. It turns out everyone who gave this doc a negative review WORKED for the gas company. They don't want to bite the hand that feeds them but if we, as a nation, actually put time and effort into renewable, safe energy, those jobs the gas and oil companies are concerned about losing would only migrate to a more environmentally friendly arena.

Okay, my preaching aside, this documentary was very enlightening as it showed you REAL people dealing with the REAL side effects of natural gas mining. Water is NOT supposed to be flammable but the lobbyist who work for the evil fucks like Halliburton, say that gas mining is perfectly safe. They say it is okay to put hazardous chemicals that are KNOWN carcinogens into the ground and that it WON'T contaminate the ground water. However, this doc easily proves them wrong with more victims than minutes allowed in this documentary. And why would the energy companies openly lie like this. You guessed it: Money.

Everyone needs to watch this documentary because we can no longer sit in around and be willfully ignorant of the crimes done to the environment and are fellow brothers and sisters in the name of greed and gluttony. Bill Maher said it best that "we are living in an age of information but we can't get information into people's heads." We can no longer accept the energy companies' words as law. For too long people take their words like they are gospel and actually REFUSE independent studies on the issue when it comes to fact checking. We can no longer do this. We need to stop being willfully ignorant and witness what we are doing to the environment. And as good as this doc is, people will still ignore what we are doing and put their undying faith in the very people who are out to kill them.

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