Friday, August 27, 2010

The Wire Season 5

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The Wire Season 5 - 5 out of 5

The final season of, quite possibly, one of the best shows I have ever seen. Once again, this show takes on a subject and provides commentary on it through the politics of police work in Baltimore. This season dug into the state of journalism and the mad pursuit of being spotted as a journalist rather than report the news. Bubbles gets hounded by a reporter who wants to tell his story as Bubbles tries to get cleaned as another reporter from the Baltimore Sun writes up questionable human interest stories. This all comes into play as McNulty fakes a serial killer in the city in order to bring money into the investigation him and Lester are running as they try to bring down Marlo. Ethics in both police work and journalism are called into question as this season forces you to think about whether the ends truly justify the means. A debate that is raised in every season. Like all the other seasons, the writing is second to none and the character development continues to be addicting like a drug. In fact, some of the developments are downright shocking as Lester goes in a completely different direction I ever thought his character was ever going to take. There are some disappointments to this season but it's nothing that actually affects the rating I'm giving. The disappointments are mostly the fact that this was the last season and some occurrences that happened to some of my favorite characters. Finally, this shows final moments tied everything up quite well and left no disappointments that you would never see Baltimore's finest again. Great end, to a great show!

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