Monday, August 23, 2010

The Wire Season 4

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The Wire Season 4 - 5 out of 5

Once again, this show knocks it out of the park and STILL keeps it fresh as it analyzes the problems of a drug ravaged Baltimore. This time, the show brings to focus on the weak education system that pushes youngsters towards to slinging dope on the corner. What I really enjoyed about this season is Pryzbylewski really get his time in the spotlight as he has given up police work (if you've seen season 3, you know why) and is now a teacher. It was nice to see his character actually get some time on the show where we get to see real depth to him. Also, Bubbles has a big part in this season and I am a big fan of that character. The only disappointing note about this season is the lack of McNulty. His character shows up from time to time but doesn't have as big of an influence like the previous seasons. However, this show has such strong characters that his absence is barely noticed until he'll show up after being gone for several episodes. Let's not forget all the usual bells and whistles of superior writing that makes this show great! I'm definitely looking forward to the fifth and final season.

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