Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Survival of the Dead

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Survival of the Dead - 1 out of 5

*Shaking head* I think it's time for George Romero to retire and stop beating this dead horse. And that's a hard thing for me to say because I love zombie entertainment and I am a big fan of Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. I used to respect Romero in a high regard but after Land of the Dead came out and I left with a 'meh' feeling and then after the disgust I witnessed at the poor filmmaking and story telling in Diary of the Dead, I realized that George has either got lucky with his earlier films or has just stopped trying. Like the last two dead movies, this movie has one dimensional characters that provide nothing to the story. All of them just seem to fill the screen and bring nothing to the table. Most of them aren't even convincing actors. Remember in Dawn and Night when you had characters with depth that also provide social commentary? Well, you don't get that anymore. George once again forgoes using practical effects and decides that realism isn't necessary and uses CG blood and gore for the majority of the zombie deaths. I hate CG blood. It doesn't work and doesn't provide the gross factor that a film like this needs. The story, shocking, actually has promise but poor writing forces this film to pad itself with pointless zombie horde sequences and bad--VERY BAD humor. In fact, some of the humor is so cheesy, I was surprised it wasn't accompanied with cartoon sound effects. The most insulting part of this movie is the fact that most of it is something we've all seen in his previous movies. In fact, you can make a drinking game out of this film. Every time a zombie some how sneaks up on someone when they are out in the open--drink. Or, drink every time one of the living points a gun at another living person only to discover he was actually targetting a zombie sneaking up on the guy. Seriously, that happens often enough where you can get drunk. Finally, the plot holes in his mythology are starting to mess with my ability to sit back and enjoy the movie. A group of soldiers in this movie are obsessed with this cache of cash they found but I have to ask...WHAT GOOD IS MONEY WHEN THE WORLD ECONOMY IS COLLAPSED BECAUSE THE FUCKING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE OCCURRED???? And why the hell is there still power in this world? Are all the power company dudes and oil fields and coal mines of the world still operating when the dead roam the Earth? Finally, I hope this wasn't a coincidence and that George was trying to give a wink to his fans because the movie actually ends on a shot of a dead horse...probably the same one he's been beating since Day of the Dead. Honestly, with Robert Kirkman kicking ass writing The Walking Dead (don't forget, the series comes out in October) and Max Brooks writing some of the best zombie books I've ever read (seriously, if you like zombies and haven't read The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, I highly suggest you pick those up), there really is no more need for Romero to keep making these disappointing films. After Diary of the Dead, I gave up on the hope that he could bounce back.

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