Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Someone's Knocking at the Door

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Someone's Knocking at the Door - 3 out of 5

This movie is not for the easily offended or grossed out. Gore and zombies that rape is just some of the stuff you'll find in this one. An off the chart zombie movie to say the least is this movie. This movie, shockingly, does a lot of things right. If you can get passed the rape scenes, you'll find a low budget film that is quite well made. Editing, at first, is weak but improves greatly as the film progresses. Yes, the story is sophomoric but this isn't a terrible movie. It starts off grabbing your attention and the end is really good. Sadly, the film does drag slightly in the middle. However, if you like disturbing movies, stick it out and you'll be pleasantly surprised. The film's actors range from pretty decently talented to...well, let's just say some actors should have been recast. This movie is one of a kind and not watered down like much of Hollywood's features, so I can respect that. I know it sounds like I really enjoyed this movie so you're probably wondering why I gave it a 3 and not a 4 or 5. Well, like I said before, some of the acting isn't great and the story isn't as solid as it could be but the biggest complaint I have is the lack of depth with the film's characters. Most of them are just generic stoners. In fact, the film's obsession with narcotics seems a little pointless. Also, this movie has one of the most boring opening credit sequences I have ever witnessed. It was everything I could do to not fast forward it. Emotionless music to edits of old anti-drug short propaganda films (which, oddly, I've seen every single one of those films they showed and was able to call them out by name). There could have been a better way of opening the movie that grabbed the audience's attention. Those complaints aside, this movie is not bad. In fact, it's a good movie to sit down with some buds who enjoy a good bad movie and have some laughs.

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