Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Night of the Comet

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Night of the Comet - 3 out of 5

It's hard for me to hate this movie because I absolutely LOVE bad movies. There is a simple joy I get when I watch poorly made, poorly acted B-movies that are almost unapologetic about how bad they are. It's when a bad movie tries to be good is when I hate them...*COUGH COUGH* I'm looking at you Avatar and Clash of the Titans or any other piece of crap that Sam Worthington some how scammed his way into despite lacking any acting talent. I won't debate that this movie is bad. The story is utter crap, the acting is unbearable and when you get down to it, not much really happens in the movie. But because of all the bad qualities, this movie circles back upon itself past being a piece of shit and because a hilarious, fun movie to watch. You don't watch this movie for intrigue or drama or suspense...no, you watch this movie to make fun of it with your friends and that's the charm I love when it comes to bad movies. Because there is nothing in the world that beats piling on the couch with your closest friends and having your own Mystery Science Theater 3000 riff-fest.

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