Monday, August 16, 2010


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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XVIII - 5 out of 5

I wish I could give this collection more than 5 because I am such a huge fan of MST3K. This is a great collection with some amazing episodes. This collection has two with Joel (Crash of Moons and Lost Continent) and two with my personal favorite guy, Mike Nelson (The Beast of Yucca Flats and Jack Frost.) Sadly, these episodes are not without their let downs. However, the only let down is the quality of the transfer from the original tapes. Shout! even warns the viewers about this problem at the beginning of the movie. There are some distortion from tape warp and some occasion pixalation but as long as you don't focus on the black and gray lines that occasionally pop up in the presentation, you won't be bothered by it. And it is very easy to ignore because the guys are on top of their games in these episodes with their riffing. Highlights include nearly the entire movie of Jack Frost and the hilarious mountain climbing sequence in Lost Continent. If you like MST3K, you either have already seen these episodes and are aching to revisit them again or already have plans to watch these and have them at the top of your Netflix queue. If you haven't seen MST3K, this might be the collection for you to check out and test the waters of the Satellite of Love. And then your addiction begins.

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