Tuesday, August 3, 2010


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Monkeybone - 3 out of 5

WOW, hard movie to review this one was. At times, I really enjoyed this movie and found it to be quite unique and enjoyable and at other times, I felt it was annoying and felt like it was just outright stolen from other movies. There were times I felt like the movie was stealing story elements from Cool World but this movie is far from that. In fact, it's better than Cool World. Not that Cool World was that good of a movie to begin with. Everything about this movie is good and bad at the same time...almost. Brendan Fraser is sometimes enjoyable to watch but when he plays the Monkeybone character inside his characters body, he becomes a scenery chewer that made me want to turn off the film. The humor in this movie isn't terrible but it never had me laughing out loud...until Bob Odenkirk appeared on the screen and I think that man is a comical genius. Sadly, his character is short lived in this movie. And speaking of comedic genius...Kids in the Hall co-creator and absolutely hilarious man, Dave Foley is in this movie and, like Bob, has a small but memorable part. One thing that really surprised me was how good Chris Kattan was as the gymnast with a broken neck. His physical movements were so convincing that I found every scene he was in enjoyable. Another really interesting and cool aspect of this movie was the design of "Downtown." It gets a little too weird, to the point it becomes too much to take in but the people who walk the streets are really something to behold. Especially Giancarlo Esponsito as Hypnos. The one thing though I really found amusing was the cartoon itself of Monkeybone in the movie. The story is about Brendan playing a cartoonist who sells his comic strip, Monkeybone, to a Comedy Channel to make into a cartoon. In the film, you seen a portion of the cartoon and the animation is terrible beyond any cheap flash animation you see on the internet nowadays. So, my question is, why the hell would any channel pick it up when the quality is so bad? Other than that, not a bad movie with some funny elements to it.

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